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Since 2018 I work contract-free. This means less administrative pressure from health insurers and more time to heal and make the treatment plan more individual & personal. In addition, you will also receive fewer questionnaires that we are obliged to send out under a contract with the health insurers.

The difference for you is that with a contract-free therapist the invoice must be paid by you upfront and then you submit the invoice yourself to the health insurer.

If you have an additional insurance with one of the following health insurers, your treatment at my practice will be 100% reimbursed and you do follow the declaration procedure yourself. The settlement will be done by Practice Flow Therapies.

If you have another health insurer, the amount of the reimbursement depends on your type of health insurance policy. Health insurers have various policies and are covered by a benefit-in-kind or reimbursement policy.

A “natura policy" means that your health insurers have contracts with certain healthcare providers. If you go to a contract-free therapist, you will receive part reimbursement: usually between 70% and 100%!

With a reimbursement policy (note: in your additional insurance) you are free to choose your healthcare provider. With these policies you will receive 100% reimbursement for physiotherapy. In the section above you can check what your insurance reimburses at my practice.

I advise you to check how you are insured before starting treatment. This way you will not be faced with any surprises. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact me.



  1. The treatment is paid by pin immediately afterwards.

  2. You will receive an invoice on the spot or by e-mail.

  3. You must declare the invoice yourself (online) with your health insurer.

  4. Depending on your policy, the health insurance company will reimburse you all or part of the amount.

General intake

First time: General physio - osteo- cranio intake, treatment plan & treatment.

60-75 min


€ 98




Physiotherapy intake/first time     


Physiotherapy follow up appointment

Physiotherapy one-time examination

60 min.                    

30 min.

30 min.









Cranio therapy

​Cranio therapie intake /

first time treatment

Cranio therapy

Follow up appointment

Cranio therapy

Short follow up appointment

60 min.

60 min.

30 min.







Physio- Cranio combination


combo treatment

​60 min.

€ 90

€ 70

De tarieven
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